Addressing the elephant in the room

The Left goes Crazy that Trump should not be able to pick Supreme Court Nominee while under investigation, why was it ok for Slick Willie then?


Tuesday on The View Joy Behar’s head almost exploded because of President Trump’s selection of Brett Kavanaugh to be on the United States Supreme Court. The panel lamented for a while about what might happen to the liberals holy sacrament of abortion. Would Roe vs Wade be struck down. Would women be allowed to die in the streets because they could not secure abortions. Behar said it “How dare he” be able to pick a Supreme Court nominee while under investigation.

Megan McCain chimed in on the abortion issue. “No,” she said emphatically before explaining that Kavanaugh was the “swampiest swamp creature” Trump could’ve picked, so she was surprised. “I thought just out of loyalty alone, he probably wouldn’t have wanted anyone what worked for Bush,” she admitted.

Turning to Behar, McCain told her not to worry, as she agreed with Hostin that Kavanaugh wasn’t as conservative as say, a Fox News host, someone else Trump could’ve picked.

“I would say for people like you, Joy, who are freaking out that Roe v. Wade is going to be overturned, it is not Judge Jeanine Pirro, which I thought was at one point in time was actually a possibility for Supreme Court Justice so for you it could’ve been much worse,” she stated.

Behar went on to say Later on we’ll have Alan Dershowitz on today and I’d like to ask him about that. Why would a president who is under investigation by the FBI for obstruction of justice and collusion be allowed to pick a Supreme Court Justice there. I’ll be dead, they’ll be many people in this room who will still be alive, need abortions and what have you, need healthcare. How dare he be allowed to do this when he’s under investigation?!

The left is going to try to use this argument to no avail that Trump should not be able to pick Supreme Court nominee while under investigation. Well if that is the case why was Slick Willie able to pick the human corpse Ruth Darth Vader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer while under the Whitewater investigation. The left is just going to have to get used to it. Elections have consequences. We won and the pant suit queen bitch lost. We get to pick, you don’t.

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