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News Chief admits there were paid protesters for Kavanaugh Liberal Circus, what a shock


A D.C. News Chief admitted Sunday on ABC this week that there were paid protesters for the Kavanaugh liberal circus. Many Democrats and leftist mock Trump and other Republicans when they point out that these radical protesters are paid. If they are not paid then where are the Antifa protest. Where are the angry mobs tearing down confederate statues? Where is black lives matter? Do they not matter anymore?

That is not going on anymore because the George Soros protesters are being paid to create havoc somewhere else. The last two weeks that somewhere else has been the Kavanaugh hearings. The liberal radical left in this country has been on display for all to see.

ABC’s chief White House Correspondent attempted to debunk the notion that protesters were being paid. Problem is Vice News D.C. Bureau Chief Shawna Thomas didn’t get the memo. She appeared to admit that there were people paid to organize.

“So, Vice News actually spent a lot of time with the protesters over this past week. We saw the President say these were professional protesters paid by George Soros est. est.,” Karl mocked. “Who were these people, what was going on?”

After talking about following the efforts of a group of Native-Americans talking with Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski (R), Thomas shifted to talking about those who “organized”. “And that moment with Jeff Flake on the Hill, we talked to one woman who worked for Ultraviolet who was paid. She helped steer people in the right ways to be able to confront senators,” she admitted.

“So, there were paid…” Karl trailed off seemingly dumbfounded as Thomas continued. “There were people who were paid by organizations like Ultraviolet to try to harness that energy in a way that would make the viral moments that we ended up seeing,” she said.

Paid protesters harassed many Senators last week including Jeff Flake, Lindsey Graham, Susan Collins and Mitch McConnell. They were out in full force and bus loads of protesters made their way to Washington for the actual vote. They scratched at the doors of the Supreme Court during the swearing-in. All of this proves beyond a shadow of a doubt liberalism is a mental disorder.

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