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FBI disgraced lovers were leaking information to the media to push Russia collusion narrative

A letter from Representative Mark Meadows (R) North Carolina reveals that FBI lovers had a “leak strategy” . The “media leak strategy” was a plan to provide media outlets with information to confirm the FBI’s narrative of Russian collusion.

President Trump is taking daily criticism and even calls for impeachment over a nothing story. The FBI lovers are now disgraced Peter Strzok fired from the FBI last month and Lisa Page who is still employed at the FBI. Peter Strzok was on the Mueller investigation and spearheaded the phony Steele dossier to get the FISA warrant to begin the investigation.

Strzok also very early stated that “my gut sense and concern is there’s no big there there.” Strzok became bored with the investigation because there was no crime. There still is no crime. 

President Trump has been patient with the phony investigation. Although almost daily he points out that it is a “witch hunt”, which it is.

President Trump spoke out this morning regarding the “leak strategy” created by the FBI lovers.

“More text messages between former FBI employees Peter Strzok and Lisa Page are a disaster and embarrassment to the FBI & DOJ. This should never have happened but we are learning more and more by the hour. “Others were leaking like mad” in order to get the President!”

“I had literally just gone to find this phone to tell you I want to talk to you about media leak strategy with DOJ before you go,” Strzok texted Page on April 10, 2017, according to Meadows, who cited newly produced documents from the Justice Department.

On April 22, Strzok wrote, “article is out! Well done, Page,” according to Meadows’ updated letter. He originally said the exchange occurred on April 12.

The FBI lovers also tweeted on April 12 that information was about to be leaked to the media regarding Carter Page. Strzok sent a text to Page that an article on her namesake (Page) would be released soon.

“The term ‘media leak strategy’ in Mr. Strzok’s text refers to a Department-wide initiative to detect and stop leaks to the media,”  he said in a statement.

The FBI lovers were clearly not trying to stop media leaks. There is enough proof at this point of their anti-Trump bias that Peter Strzok was fired for the FBI last month. The two revealed in their text a FBI insurance policy if Trump were elected. It is time for someone from the FBI to be indicted and sent to prison. If an example is not made of Obama’s weaponized FBI elections in the United States will never be the same.

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