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Swift Boat John Kerry bad mouthing Trump to terrorist and considering run in 2020

John Kerry

Swift Boat John Kerry is reportedly bad mouthing the US to the Palestinians a bunch of terrorist. This is how Socialist act he learned well from Barack Hussein Obama. According to Fox News Swift Boat John told tried to meddle in Middle East peace talks allegedly telling  a close associate of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas not to “yield to President Trump’s demands.”

An Israeli news outlet said the meeting was with Hussein Agha in London, and Kerry floated  idea of running against Trump in 2020.

Kerry was reported to go on to tell the contact to pass on to Abbas to “hold on strong” and “play for time and not to yield to Trump’s demands.


Why is Kerry doing this besides the fact that he is a traitor? Possibly he along with many delusional Democrats see weakness in President Trump’s strength. Socialist Traitors such as Kerry and Obama like to present themselves as Globalist. They let the thugs and terrorist of the world such as the Palestinians push the US and Israel around and Trump is not doing that so they see him as weak.

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Swift Boat John went on to say that in his opinion Trump wouldn’t be around long suggesting that he would be out of office within a year.

Kerry who is very fond of telling people he served in Viet Nam and has repeatedly lied about his service is infamous for his disparaging remarks against the soldiers in Vietnam. In his 2004 run for President the Swift Boat veterans for truth ran the below add highlighting the traitorous remarks that Kerry made against Veterans.

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich was outraged at the comments Kerry was reported to have made about Trump on foreign soil.

Kerry knows as a former secretary of state, a former U.S. senator, that kind of advice would be stunningly unpatriotic, and I don’t think John Kerry would do something like that,” Gingrich told “Fox & Friends.” “I hope he wouldn’t. I would be very, very surprised if a former secretary of state, a former U.S. senator would have said anything that was that overtly anti-American.”

John Kerry is a traitor and if he should decide to run for President against Donald Trump it would be a landslide of epic proportions. Expect Swift Boat veterans ads to run again as Kerry’s own words point out his character. He is not a war hero he is a traitor who makes a habit of speaking badly about soldiers and his country. He uses his service in Vietnam to puff himself up and any true hero does not do that.

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