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Forget about fighting David Hogg, Conservatives need to hire him as their spokesman

David Hogg

The Republican party and conservatives should consider hiring David Hogg as their marketing and PR spokesman. The reason I say this is NRA memberships have tripled after the Parkland Florida shootings and all of the uproar over taking away second amendment rights.

The mainstream press led by CNN cannot get enough of the young media whore David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez. While conservative survivors at the school are silenced. Pro gun survivor Kyle Kashuv was not allowed anywhere near the CNN anti gun town hall and was not allowed to speak at the march for our lives (with 90% of the crowd being planned parenthood adults).

A couple of weeks ago Fox News host Laura Ingraham got into hot water for daring to mock the new CNN celebrity David Hogg. Ingraham made fun of the fact he can’t get into a decent college and called him “whining”. And that was way out-of-bounds for Hogg and the left. Hogg immediately called for a boycott of Ingraham and many businesses did in fact cut advertising to her program.

Ingraham quickly apologized but the lefts snarly new star would not accept. Now 2 weeks later guess what?  Laura Ingraham’s ratings are up 20% since the boycott. Fox may not be so quick to bow to pressure next time one of their conservative host is attacked.

David Hogg is such a polarizing little jerk that everything he attacks has a side effect of becoming more popular. He has had conflicting stories on if he was even at Stoneman Douglas High School at the time of the shooting. He has been on a media blitz attacking the NRA , their memberships soar. Then he crusades for a boycott of Laura Ingraham even after she apologizes for mocking him and her ratings are up 20%. Conservatives should hire him to mouth off even more.

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