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Chelsea Clinton celebrates abortion for adding Trillions to US Economy

chelsea clinton

Chelsea Clinton celebrated abortion and the passing of Roe V. Wade for adding trillions to the U.S. economy since passing in in 1973. I suppose that is the sick way for liberals to look at the genocide of 60 million babies.

Clinton was speaking at a liberal event in New York City the “Rise up for Roe tour”. Clinton’s argument is that because of the availability of abortions millions of women were able to enter the workforce. This is the stupidity that the Sidwell Friends school, Stanford and Columbia indoctrinate students with?

“Whether you kind of fundamentally care about reproductive rights and access, right, because again these are not the same thing — if you care about social justice or economic justice, agency — you have to care about this,” she said, according to a clip published by the Media Research Center. “It is not a disconnected fact … that American women entering the labor force from 1970 to 2009 added three and a half trillion dollars to our economy, right?

“The net, new entrance of women — that is not disconnected from the fact that Roe became the law of the land in January of 1973,” she said. “So, I think, whatever it is that people say they care about, I think that you can connect to this issue. Of course, I would hope that they would care about our equal rights and dignity to make our own choices, but if that is not sufficiently persuasive, hopefully some of these other arguments that you’re hearing expressed so beautifully will be.”

Chelsea Clinton is a product of her Socialist parents and liberal education and cannot help but spout Godlessness. She will have to answer one day for celebrating the death of 60 million babies.

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