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8 Reasons Democrats HATE tax cuts

Democrats hate tax cuts

The Democratic Party had a collective aneurysm this week over passage of the “tax cuts and jobs act”. Why do Democrats hate tax cuts so badly?  Chuck Schumer NY Democrat said of the tax bill  “the GOP seems to think their tax reform plan is the cure for what ails them. We think it’s more like the nail in the coffin.” #GOPTaxScam. Shamefully, Republicans were cheering against the children as they rob from their future and ransack the middle class to reward the rich #GOPTaxScam


Why do the Democrats hate tax cuts so badly? I would argue there are 8  obvious reasons. There may be more but here are the reasons they hate this particular tax bill.


Number one it kills the Obamacare individual mandate. You do remember that Obamacare passed with NO Republican support. And it was Pelosi who said that we had to Pass Obamacare before we could find out what was in it. Well once we found out what was in the bill people did not like what they saw. And the individual mandate was an unconstitutional tax on the American people. John Roberts did not have the balls to say so but it was. Now it is gone and so soon will be Obamacare RIP


The second reason they hate this tax bill is by electing not to participate the Democrats did not have the opportunity to add their pork and pet projects. Make no mistake there are things in the bill like bridges to nowhere that the the Republicans added.


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The third reason Democrats hate tax cuts and this has more to do with fear and intimidation. The rank and file Democrats are more fearful of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer than Republicans are of McConnell and Ryan. Nancy Pelosi is a complete nut job. But she is also the largest fundraiser for the Democrats and they need that nut job to get re-elected and stay in power.

The fourth reason they hate this tax bill is it limits the amount of state and local taxes that can be written off on your federal taxes. And it limits the mortgage deduction to $850,000. Intentional or not this is a big giant screw you to the blue specks on the national map San Francisco (Pelosi), New York City (Schumer), Chicago (Rahm Emanuel).

The fifth reason Democrats hate tax cuts so badly is they get votes thru dependency and tax cuts do not create dependency. In those large cities San Francisco, Detroit, Chicago, New York City Democrats have been in power for decades by creating dependency in the form of public housing, welfare, food stamps and other public assistance. What has that done for Detroit? Nothing but destroy it and create abandoned houses and buildings.

Number six on the reasons Democrats hate tax cuts is they stay in power by creating class division and envy. Every time a tax cut is proposed and it is not often the Democrats in Congress say the same thing. Tax cuts for the rich. Tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans. People are going to starve and die as a result. This is to create envy of rich people. The rich create jobs and spend money which stimulates the economy.

The seventh reason Democrats hate tax cuts is they know they work. Those that lived through the 80’s know that trickle down economics worked. The economy and job creation was incredible. Since Reagan was President we have had George HW Bush (RINO), Bill Clinton (Far left liberal), George W. Bush (RINO) and Barack Hussein Obama (Socialist) in the White House. Every time tax cuts are tried they work.

Lastly and this is not a reason every time the Democrats are opposed to tax cuts. They hate the provision allowing for drilling in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge ANWA. Democrats and RINO’s have blocked the decades to protect caribou. US dependence on foreign oil is one of the reasons Obama was bowing to Saudi princes (other than the fact he was an appeasing Muslim.

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