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Nancy Pelosi Heckled at Town Hall continuing her criticism of Tax Reform

Nancy Pelosi Heckled

Rep. Nancy Pelosi heckled by a woman at a town hall event Tuesday after she continued blasting President Trump and Republicans’ tax cuts.

“God never intended one group of people to live in superfluous inordinate wealth while others live in abject deadening poverty,” the House minority leader said, adding that the quote was from Dr. Martin Luther King.

As she finished her sentence, Pelosi was interrupted by a woman in the Phoenix, Arizona, audience who asked “how much are you worth, Nancy?”

“Are you in abject poverty?” the woman shouted at Pelosi, who is routinely listed among the wealthiest members of Congress.

Pelosi and her husband Paul Sr., a Georgetown-educated businessman who runs a venture capital firm are worth around 196 million.

The comments Nancy Pelosi heckled for are her remarks that the Trump bonuses were crumbs compared to the profits the corporate executives were receiving. She has since acknowledged that she has seen the ads featuring those comments by the RNC and acknowledges they are a hot button. Then she doubles down on the crumbs comments. Below are her initial remarks.

“There is a tax advantage in the beginning for workers and that’s their enticement,” Pelosi said. “While they give banquets to… the high-end, to corporate America, and I say ‘crumbs,’ they mock me in ads for saying that, compared to what they get at the high-end.”

Nancy Pelosi needs to keep talking. She is the Republicans not so secret weapon for the mid-term elections. As I have said before Nancy Pelosi’s speeches and comments need to be put in a time capsule so our children and their children can hear what elitist liberals really feel about us little people.

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