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Morning Joe Scarborough says it is “sad and pathetic” that Rand Paul wants to revolk John Brennan’s security clearance

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Morning Joe Scarborough went off on Kentucky Representative Rand Paul today for Paul’s tweet concerning FORMER CIA chief John Brennan’s security clearance. Scarborough mentioned several times how sad and pathetic it was that Paul would want to discuss this issue with the President.

“He’s got a chance to meet with the president of the United States and talk about Donald Trump adopting the KGB’s approach to NATO, to kowtowing to Vladimir Putin,” Scarborough stated. “He could talk about so many things that most Americans are concerned about, about him undermining the FBI, the director of National Intelligence, the CIA and yet he’s going, Rand Paul, a United States senator, is going to the White House to talk about John Brennan? How pathetic is that.”

“You go back and listen to some of the things that Rand Paul said about Donald Trump during the debates and now you look at him now. It really is … a real, real tragedy,” he later added.

John Brennan who was the CIA Director under Barack Hussein Obama could be a central figure in the fake news Mueller Investigation. Brennan is the one who alerted James Comey of a perceived troubling pattern between Russians and the Trump campaign.

The Former CIA Director who is possibly the mastermind of the phony Mueller investigation still has top level security clearance. It is sad and pathetic that this has been allowed to happen. And Joe Scarborough would be the first to cry from the rooftops if President Trumps CIA Director still had top security clearance 18 months after his President left office.

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