Addressing the elephant in the room

Manafort Trial begins today CNN and MSNBC will have material for a week, next week Trumps approval rating will be even higher

Paul Manafort

I am being drug into this story about the trial of Paul Manafort kicking and screaming. It is the news of the day. More than likely the next 24 your news cycle on CNN and MSNBC will be dominated by the story. But why is it even a story? Paul Manafort briefly ran President Trump’s Presidential campaign in 2016.

Before running the Trump campaign Paul Manafort was a political consultant with deep ties in the Ukraine. The Government is charging him with bank fraud, tax evasion, and money laundering. He apparently failed to report a significant amount of the money he made consulting in the Ukraine on his tax returns. So what ok even I am getting bored now. You could charge many Congressmen and Senators with the very same crime.

The US Government knew about Paul Manafort and his long time partner Rick Gates years ago yet declined to prosecute. This is considered a white-collar crime. The circles that Paul Manafort and Rick Gates run around in are the same ones that lawmakers run around in. And the crimes that Manafort and Gates allegedly committed are the same crimes that Congressmen and Senators hope are not uncovered on them.

Paul Manafort became interesting only because Robert Mueller needed to find something on President Trump. But he still has nothing. Even the corrupt FBI agent that appeared before Congress last week Peter Strzok told his FBI lover in a text  ” I hesitate in part because my gut sense and concern there’s no big there there”. Strzok was referring to the Mueller investigation.

The story of the Manafort trial will manipulate the news this week. The talking heads on CNN and MSNBC will have a collective orgasm this week thinking they are finally going to take Trump out.  The fact remains there is no there there. If Robert Mueller had a crime against President Trump he would have leaked it by now. He has nothing and President Trump is exactly correct this is a big witch hunt.

Next week CNN, MSNBC and the news networks will again be on suicide watch as President Trump’s approval rating is even higher.

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