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China Drowning Out critics in President term limit fight is perfect example of why we need to protect Second Amendment

China is drowning out critics of the effort to scrap the two-term limit for President Current President Xi Jinping is leading the effort to get rid of the regulation that limits the term a president can rule in China. It seems Xi Jinping has a Barack Hussein Obama complex and believes China cannot live without him and they need a President for life AKA Dictator.

As the gun control debate is raging in the US after the Parkland Florida school shooting students (if you actually believe 17 year olds who were having to be told not to eat tide pods are really organizing these protest) pushing the NeverAgain agenda including infringing on our second amendment right to bear arms. China is the perfect example of why we need protection against a tyrannical Government.

Individual gun ownership is nearly impossible in China and opposition to political policy is heavily regulated and squashed. Without the right to bear arms in China drowning out critics is common.

China is shocked at the move by XI Jinping to be President for life.  The rubber-stamp National People’s Congress (NPC) is certain to endorse the move next week, meaning that Xi — already China’s most powerful leader in decades — can stay as president beyond 2023.

Li Datong, a former editor at the state-run China Youth Daily, posted a draft letter urging legislators to vote against the move — which would abolish term limits set in 1982 under Deng Xiaoping to prevent a return to the decades of chaos under Mao Zedong.

“It was the highest and most effective legal restriction meant to prevent autocracy or putting individuals above the party and the state,” said the letter. It was not sent to legislators but shared with hundreds of people in a private group on China’s WeChat phone messaging app.


“Lifting the term limits of national leaders will be ridiculed by civilised nations all over the world and also sow the seeds of chaos for China,” said the text posted on Monday.

WeChat users trying to share screenshots of the letter saw their posts blocked.

Censors have scrambled to delete all dissenting comments on social media — even the word “disagree” is blocked — but users of the Twitter-like Weibo website kept speaking out Tuesday, two days after the party Central Committee announcement.

“So pathetic, we have 1.3 billion people, no one can resist,” wrote one user.

Another lamented the lack of political reform: “I once believed that I could see a president elected by one man, one vote in my lifetime.”

Drowning out critics is what Communist regimes do most effectively. This is what Barack Hussein Obama would have done without a second amendment. The founding fathers were genius knowing that we the United States might someday have tyrannical leaders like Barack Hussein Obama and we might need protection from the very Government that serves us. The Government that failed at every level in Parkland Florida.  

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