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Johnny Manziel getting NFL tryout for comeback triggering Social Justice warriors wanting Kaepernick signed

Johnny Manziel

Johnny Manziel is continuing his comeback bid throwing for 13 NFL teams at the University of San Diego pro day. Manziel’s career was derailed in the NFL after excessive partying and what Manziel describes as self medicating with alcohol. The former Heisman trophy winner has turned his life around and recently married.

Manziel has been signed by the CFL’s Hamilton Tiger-Cats, and he’s made it clear he wants to play in the NFL again. It remains to be seen if a team will take a chance on Johnny Manziel. He is only 25 and if he has truly turned his life around he may be worth the gamble.

“I think I’ve changed drastically. I’ve obviously had to hit a series of lows to get to a point where I feel comfortable in my own skin, in my own life and with where I’m at. A lot has changed personally in what I’ve learned about myself and what I’ve learned about life through the highs and the lows,” Manziel said. “So I don’t necessarily think I’d be where I am today without going through some of the harder stuff, but I feel like I’m a better person because of it even if it derailed what I wanted to do for a while.”


Manziel getting a look has triggered the social justice warriors in favor of Colin Kaepernick being signed. But there are differences. Johnny Manziel is 25 and if he has turned his life around should be in the prime of his career. Colin Kaepernick is 30 and there is the small fact that he sucks. Throw in the fact that Kaepernick has a collusion suit against the league that he wants to sign him and there really is no comparison.

If Johnny football has turned his life around he deserves a second chance. Colin Kaepernick has had his chance and he decided to make a political statement rather than focus on his NFL career. Actions have consequences and Kaepernick has to live with that.

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