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Hillary Clinton briefly compares herself to Winston Churchill when asked about being a polarizing figure


Hillary Clinton compared herself to Winston Churchill briefly while being interviewed by the Guardian. The worst loser in the history of Democrat losers was responding to questions about being a polarizing figure. That must be nice British talk for a bitch.  

“I’m sure they said that about Churchill between the wars, didn’t they?” she told The Guardian when asked if she should withdraw from public life to help heal divisions in the U.S., given her reputation.

Clinton quickly claimed she wasn’t actually comparing herself to Churchill before going on to continue to compare herself to Churchill.

Winston Churchill went into somewhat of political hiding between WW1 and WW2 during that time was a key voice criticizing then-Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain’s policy of appeasement toward Adolf Hitler. He would go on to become prime minister himself and help lead the Allies to victory in World War II.

The Guardian report notes that Clinton made the Churchill reference “a fraction too quickly for the line to sound spontaneous.”

Clinton continued: “I mean, I’m not comparing myself, but I’m just saying people said that, but he was right about Hitler, and a lot of people in England were wrong. And Churchill was a pain. He kept popping up all the time.”

The 2016 loser of a rigged election to political outsider Donald Trump was asked if she was going to step aside from politics. She said she was not ready to “call it a day” anytime soon.

“It feels like a duty. It feels like patriotism, and it feels necessary. I’m not going anywhere,” she said.

Please Hillary, the United States of America can live without you or your husband ever being involved in the political process again. In fact I am sure the world could live without ever hearing you screech again. And as for the Churchill comparison, you wish. My guess is if America hadn’t dodged the bullet of Hillary Clinton becoming President a comparison to Neville Chamberlain would’ve been more accurate.

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