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Senator Lindsey Graham says there are only two options on North Korea summit ‘Peace or War’

Peace or war

Republican Senator and member of the Senate Armed Service services committee said there are really only two options with the talks between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, “peace or war.”

The South Carolina Senator told ABC News Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos on “This Week” Sunday that there are ultimately three possible outcomes to President Trump’s negotiations with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un: “Peace, where we have a win-win solution; military force where they — we devastate the North Korean regime and stop their program by force; or to capitulate like we’ve done in the past.”

Graham continued, “Donald Trump is not going to capitulate, so there’s really only two options — peace or war.”

Senator Graham said he supports a call from Democrat senators for the U.S. not to lift sanctions against North Korea without verifiable dismantling of its nuclear and missile arsenal. The Democratic senators set out their recommendations in a letter to Trump last week.

But Graham also called on the Democrats to support Trump in his talks with North Korea by supporting an authorization to use military force against the country if necessary.


“I appreciate you telling the president what a good deal would look like, but the country needs you to back the president up to get that deal,” Graham said on “This Week,” addressing the Democratic senators.

“So here’s the question for my Democratic colleagues,” he added. “If diplomacy fails, will you support my efforts to authorize the use of military force as a last resort to convince North Korea and China things are going to be different this time?”

“A bipartisan [military-force authorization] would really make that letter [from Democrats] much more credible,” Graham said. “And if diplomacy fails, as a last resort, Democrats and Republicans need to put the military option on the table or we’ll never get a good deal.”

While Graham said the U.S. needs to be prepared to take military action against North Korea if necessary, he doesn’t expect that to happen soon.

We will know soon if “peace or war” are in fact the only options of the North Korea talks. President Trump and Kim Jong Un will sit down with their interpreters in 10 hours.

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