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Roseanne Barr fired for stupid possibly racist comment, Social media is a trap for stupid people, she got caught

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I am neither defending nor offended by what Roseanne Barr said on social media yesterday. Barr woke up in a bad mood or went off her medication yesterday. She even blames Ambien today on Twitter after saying she was going to get off of Twitter. Twitter made several weird tweets yesterday morning. One about Chelsea Clinton being married to George Soros son which was incorrect and she apologized for.

The tweet that got her canned was comparing Valerie Jarrett, Barack Hussein Obama Senior Aide and possibly the person closest to the Obama’s saying Jarrett looked like the Muslim Brotherhood and Planet of the apes had a baby. Now that was a stupid statement for someone making

I am a conservative, some might even say a right wing extremist. Roseanne Barr has never been someone I look up to for conservative opinion. So for me this is just another Hollywood actress blowing off on social media and she should have kept her mouth shut. The reason it is getting so much press is because her show was seen as Pro-Trump and the left see this as a way to get Trump

The real lesson to be learned her is that when you are making $250,000 per episode plus royalties for a successful show keep your mouth shut on social media. Post pictures of your cute dog. Post pictures of the favorite meat and potatoes dish that you made last night (because you wouldn’t want to be accused of cultural appropriation posting Chinese or Mexican dishes if you are white). Don’t post anything political or insensitive to any group.

To those of you on the left that are so happy today that someone with Pro-Trump show got busted be careful. You have celebrities all over the place including Chris Rock, Wanda Sykes, Kathy Griffin, Michelle Wolf and Jim Carrey  since his movies suck has decided to make graphic offensive art. Once you start saying comparing a Obama close friend to Muslim brotherhood and planet of the apes is offensive. Most of Hollywood shows, movies, comedy routines become deeply offensive.

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