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Robert De Niro throws out the F bomb at Tony Awards, No wonder nobody watches these Awards shows anymore

Robert De Niro

Actor Robert De Niro throws out the F bomb at Tony Awards says he only has two words to say F Trump. No wonder nobody watches these horrific Awards shows anymore.

“I’m gonna say one thing: F— Trump!” he stated, as he clenched his two fists in the air, leaving panic-stricken broadcast censors trying bleep out the remarks. “It’s no longer down with Trump, it’s f— Trump!”

Viewers on TV in the US  heard dead silence, though in other regions the f-bombs reportedly weren’t censored. The expletives sparked a roaring reaction from the audience, with many of the celebrities standing up.

The veteran actor went on to introduce Bruce Springsteen’s performance. “Bruce, you can rock the house like nobody else,” said De Niro. “Even more important in these perilous times, you rock the vote. Always fighting for, in your own words, truth, transparency, integrity in government. Boy, do we need that now.”


Playright Tony Kushner praised De Niro for the statement and went on to describe the Trump Presidency as “the Hitler mistake” that put a “borderline psychotic narcissist in the White House.”

De Niro has been on the hate Trump bandwagon for quite a while appearing on Saturday Night Live and slamming Trump. In January at the National Board of Review’s award show De Niro called Trump “an f—king idiot and f—king fool”

“This f—ing idiot is the president,” De Niro said, according to a transcript provided by a Times reporter. “It’s The Emperor’s New Clothes — the guy is a f—ing fool.”

Robert De Niro also blasted Trump for his repeated attacks on the media.

“Our baby in chief — the jerkoff in chief, I call him — has put the press under siege, ridiculing it through trying to discredit it through outrageous attacks and lies,” he said, according to the Times.

“And again, just like in 1971, the press is distinguishing itself with brave, exacting journalism,” De Niro continued, referring to the media’s coverage of the Pentagon Papers.

Hollywood is a vile and disgusting cesspool. They have always been a political bias in Hollywood and political rants at awards show. Now the perversions of Hollywood are being exposed with Director Harvey Weinstein being arrested for his sexual attacks on women. The list is long of Hollywood leading men that have used women Bill Cosby, Ben Affleck, Matt Lauer, Mario Batali, David Copperfield the list goes on and on. Robert De Niro is a douchbag and he showed an extreme lack of class saying F Trump. We need to go back to the days when you could disagree with someone and not be so vile and disgusting.

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