Addressing the elephant in the room

President Trump I’ll do whatever it takes to make the world better place”

world better place

I’ll do whatever it takes to make the world better place. This is what President Trump said at the news conference 1.09 minutes into this taping. “If that means sitting on a stage with Kim Jong un” I will do whatever it takes. The 71-year-old President also mentioned that he had been up 25 straight hours. He is committed to achieving peace on the Korean peninsula.

The President was answering a question by Time magazine asking if he now sees himself as an equal to Kim Jong Un. The criticism of the left is that President Trump meeting with Kim Jong Un gives him the legitimacy he desperately desires. Traveling by plane to a neutral location away from North Korea could be used as propaganda to show the North Korean people Kim is a competent leader.

President Trump went on to say if it takes traveling to Singapore and sitting on a stage with Chairman Kim to save 30 million lives maybe more he is willing to do that. It remains to be seen if the North Korean leader can be trusted and truly wants to make changes in his country. But History was made in Singapore last night and Trump is to be commended for bringing the two countries together to talk.

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