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President Trump “We don’t want what is happening in Europe happening to us” Watch Germany this week


President Trump started the morning today with a series of tweets on Europe and primarily Germany. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is facing challenges even within her own party over her unlimited migration policies. This week and possibly as early as today it could come to a head. President Trump tweeted “We don’t want what is happening in Europe to happen to us.

France and Germany have the largest populations of Muslim migrants in the European Union and it is growing every day. Immigration and in particular Muslim migration is becoming a political hot button in Europe as the migrants do not even attempt to assimilate. In Great Britain Muslims are not assimilating and the country has become so politically correct they have jailed  journalist Tommie Robinson.

Robinson’s horrific crime was reporting on a Muslim trial where the Muslims were grooming young children to be a part of a sex ring. Robinson was given a trial which lasted only 1 hour and put in jail.







President Trump’s comment about what is happening to Merkel is in reference to a possible political challenge to German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The German people are fed up with unlimited migration. The British people are fed up with unlimited migration. The Spanish people are fed up with unlimited migration and the Italian people are fed up with unlimited migration. President Trump does not want the United State to be in the same position as Europe and fighting for the sovereignty of their countries.

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