Addressing the elephant in the room

President Trump “I did North Korea deal so you and your family don’t get killed by a nuclear bomb”

North Korea deal

President Trump gave an impromptu news conference on Fox and Friends discussing everything from the IG report to Hillary’s celebration turned funeral (I love that one) to his recent Summit in Singapore with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. Specifically asked about North Korea deal and Otto Warmbier’s treatment.

Trump was asked by a reporter “You spoke passionately about Otto Warmbier’s death. In the same breath your defending Kim Jong Un’s human rights record. How can you do that?

President Trump; You know why? Because I don’t want a nuclear weapon to destroy you and your family.

Other excerpts from the impromptu news conference.

“We’ve heard a lot of bad things about Rocket Man,” FOX host Steve Doocy said. “But now all of a sudden you seem to be best friends, what’s going on?”

“We had very good chemistry,” the president said about North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, adding that saying so probably isn’t “politically correct.”

“We really did hit it off,” the president repeated. “You know, good chemistry.”

“I take heat [for that], but what am I supposed to do? Walk out and say he’s terrible? We got along very well. I asked him about the remains, I’d like to get them, He said yes.”

They are already starting to produce the remains of these great young soldiers who were left in North Korea. We’re getting the remains, nobody thought that was possible!”

Trump said the agreement they signed is a promise from Kim to denuclearize. “It says he will denuclearize.”

He said sanctions would come off of North Korea “when we can be sure there is no more nuclear.”

“We’re very close t getting it started, he wants to do it. He wants to make his country Great,” Trump said.

“Once we know that it can’t happen, and I’m telling you right now, with the relationship I have now, it is not going to happen,” the president said about nuclear war. “It won’t happen, don’t worry about it!”

 “When I was talking to President Obama, he essentially was ready to go to war with North Korea,” Trump also said. “He felt you had almost to go to war, and I did ask [Obama]: Have you spoken to [Kim]? Do you think it would be a good idea to speak with him maybe?”

“If you go to war there, you’re not talking about 100,000 lives, which is a lot, you’re talking ab out 30-40-50 million lives. Seoul is 30 miles from the border, they don’t even need nuclear weapons to take out Seoul.”

“I get hit by these fakes back here because I went there, I gave him credibility. I think it is great to give him credibility. Here’s what we get: Everything. Point after point after point.”

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