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Nancy Pelosi says she will raise taxes if Democrats win and she is Speaker, what a campaign stategy

raise taxes

Nancy Pelosi said Tuesday she will raise taxes if the Democrats win the mid-term elections and she becomes Speaker of the House, again.

Politico’s Jake Sherman asked Pelosi about a new ad from the National Republican Campaign Committee in which Pelosi is quoted criticizing the GOP tax cuts passed at the end of 2017.

“It said that you would like to institute a single-payer health-care program and raise taxes — I think they mean roll back the tax cuts that they passed this year,” Sherman said. “Is that true?”

“Well the second part there is accurate,” Pelosi replied with a laugh. “I do think that we should revisit the tax legislation in the way that we always have, in a bipartisan, transparent way.”

Pelosi argued that Democrats ought to roll back the tax cuts in a way that would be “unifying to the country.”


Pelosi spouts usual Democrat BS and says that she does want to revisit the tax cuts in a bipartisan manner. First of all what would be the Republicans motivation to do anything in a bipartisan manner with the Democrats should they win. They have done nothing but delay and obstruct everything the Republicans and President Trump have tried to do.

Pelosi also tries to imply that the Republicans passed the tax cuts in the “darkness of night at the speed of light.” This also is untrue. The Democrats had every chance to be on board and negotiate the tax cut bill. All they did is obstruct then sit on their hands with scowls on their faces during the Presidents state of the union. If Nancy Pelosi thinks raising taxes is a winning strategy for November let he use it.

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