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Hero Indiana Teacher says confronting shooter “the only acceptable action”

Hero Indiana teacher Jason Seaman said today what he did to save students lives was “the only acceptable action.” Seaman a 29 year old former college football player did not consider his own well being rushing the shooter and being shot three times in the process to protect his students.

Seaman who spoke publicly for the first time since the Friday shooting at Noblesville West Middle School said he wanted the focus to be on the injured student 13-year-old  Ella Whistler, who was seriously wounded.

“Her courage and strength at such a young age is nothing short of remarkable,” Seaman said during a news conference at the school district’s administrative building. “We all should continue to keep her in our minds as she continues to recover.”


“I want to make it clear that my actions on that day, in my mind, were the only acceptable actions I could have done given the circumstances,” Seaman said Monday. “I deeply care for my students and their well-being. That is why I did what I did that day.”

Seaman was released from the hospital on Saturday and didn’t appear to have any pain from the injuries.

The shooter was quickly arrested following the shooting and didn’t appear to be injured. His name hasn’t been released.

“We’re so grateful for Jason’s quick and brave actions,” Noblesville Schools Superintendent Beth Niedermeyer said during the news conference. “He put his own life in danger for his students. That alone tells you about his character and his big heart.”

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