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Donald Trump on Oprah in 1988 what a visionary “I’d make our allies pay their fair share”

President Trump is quite the visionary talking years ago about making our allies pay their fair share. He appeared on Oprah in 1988 talking about how he was tired of seeing America get ripped off. He said we should make our allies “pay their fair share.” At that time he ruled off a Presidential run but said if things got bad enough he would consider it.

DONALD TRUMP: We’re a debtor nation. Something is going to happen over the next number of years with this country because you can’t keep on losing $200 billion (deficit at the time). And yet we let Japan come in and dump everything into our markets. It’s not free trade. If you ever go to Japan right now and try to sell something, forget about it. Just forget about it. It’s almost impossible. They don’t have laws against it, they just make it impossible.

They come over here, they sell their cars, their VCRs, they knock the hell out of our companies. And, hey, I have tremendous respect for the Japanese people. I mean, you can respect somebody that’s beating the hell out of you, but they are beating the hell out of this country. Kuwait, they live like kings — the poorest person in Kuwait, they live like kings — and yet, they’re not paying. We make it possible for them to sell their oil. Why aren’t they paying us 25 percent of what they’re making? It’s a joke.

OPRAH: This sounds like political, presidential talk to me and I know people talk to you about whether or not you’re going to run. Would you ever?

TRUMP: Probably not. But I do get tired of seeing the country get ripped off.



The 1988 Donald Trump sounds an awful lot like 2018 Donald Trump talking about making our allies pay. We must put the American worker first. People laughed at Trump when he said he had been preparing for Singapore summit his entire life but in 1988 he already sounded a lot more Presidential than Barack Hussein Obama.

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