Addressing the elephant in the room

Trump “the Gaddafi model will take place most likely if we don’t get a deal” referring to North Korea

Gaddafi model

President Trump speaking about National Security Advisory John Bolton’s comments on the Gaddafi model said” it will most likely take place if we don’t get a deal. Kim Jong midget may or may not have been spooked by Bolton’s comments but it is clear the North Korean leader is totally out of his league when negotiating with Trump.

Trump said reports that talks had broken down with North Korea were “fake news” and revealed that “our people are literally dealing with them right now” planning for the meeting.

“Well, the Libyan model isn’t a model that we have at all when we’re thinking of North Korea,” the president said. “In Libya, we decimated that country. That country was decimated. There was no deal to keep Qaddafi. The Libyan model that was mentioned was a much different deal.”

The president offered Kim a much safer scenario: “This would be with Kim Jong-un something where he’d be there. He’d be in his country. He’d be running his country. His country would be very rich. His people are tremendously industrious. If you look at South Korea — this would be, really, a South Korean model in terms of their industry, in terms of what they do. They’re hardworking incredible people.”


“But the Libyan model was a much different model,” he repeated. “We decimated that country. We never said to Qaddafi, oh, we’re going to give you protection, we’re going to give you military strength, we’re going to give you all of these things; we went in and decimated him. And we did the same thing with Iraq.”

“Now, whether or not we should have, I could tell you, I was against it from the beginning,” he added.

“I can only say our people are literally dealing with them right now in terms of making arrangements for the meeting. So that’s a lot different from what you read, but oftentimes what you read if it’s not fake news, it’s true. So we’ll see what happens,” the president also said before repeating his statement to Kim a third time:

Gaddafi model

Gaddafi’s home after US bombing

“I think when John Bolton made that statement, he was talking about if we’re going to be having a problem, because we cannot let that country have nukes. We just can’t do it. So that’s the way it’s meant. It’s really just the opposite,” Trump said.

It is clear that the United States and Trump are operating from a position of strength in the negotiations with North Korea. Trump is telling Kim this is his one chance. He can make a deal and have a prosperous nation of which he can still control. Or he can have the Gaddafi model in which his country is decimated and more than likely he meets his demise.

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