Addressing the elephant in the room

President Trump Everyone knows there was a spy even the People involved in the spying admit there was a spy

President Trump is on fire again today says everyone knows there was a spy even the people involved in the spying admit there was a spy. At least one of the people Trump is referring to is Obama Director of  of National Intelligence James Clapper said on the view this week that Trump should be Happy there was a spy in his campaign looking out for Russian interference. Of course Clapper did not explain why there was not a spy planted in the Crooked Hillary campaign.

Trump tweets today in reference to the Democrats new tactic for defending their treason. It is kind of like Bill Clinton asking for clarification on the word “Is.”

“The Democrats are now alluding to the concept that having an informant placed in an opposing party’s campaign is different from having a Spy, as illegal as that may be. But what about an “informant” who is paid a fortune and who “sets up” way earlier than the Russian Hoax?

“There is no evidence to support any allegation that the FBI or any intelligence agency placed a spy in the Trump campaign or otherwise failed to follow appropriate procedures and protocols,” Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer, House of Representatives Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, and Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, said in a statement.

Well that is hilarious Chuckie, Nancy and leaker Adam because one of the head spies James Clapper admitted that there was a spy and said Trump should be HAPPY about it.

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