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President Trump expresses frustration at comments made by Trey Gowdy and regrets hiring Jeff Sessions

President Trump regrets hiring Jeff Sessions. He said as much so this morning in a tweet responding to comments from Representative Trey Gowdy. Fox News Martha MacCallum, former House Oversight Chairman Trey Gowdy discussed attending the Justice Department briefing on President Trump’s ‘Spygate’ allegations last Friday and said that in the meeting,

FBI director Chris Wray and Deputy A.G. Rod Rosenstein confirmed his belief that the president was never a “target” of the Russia investigation. In fact, Gowdy said Rosenstein and Wray “are “stunned when people think Trump is the subject of their investigation.”

“I am even more convinced that the FBI did exactly what my fellow citizens would want them to do when they got the information they got, and that it has nothing to do with Donald Trump,” he added, with regard to how the Trump campaign was treated.

President Trump responded this morning saying “Rep. Trey Gowdy, “I don’t think so, I think what the President is doing is expressing frustration that Attorney General Sessions should have shared these reasons for recusal before he took the job, not afterward. If I were the President and I picked someone to be the country’s  chief law enforcement officer, and they told me later, ‘oh by the way I’m not going to be able to participate in the most important case in the office. I would be frustrated too.. and that’s how I read that-Senator Sessions, why didn’t you tell me before I picked you…

Trump ends the tweetstorm with “There are lots of really good lawyers in the country, he could have picked somebody else! And I wish I did!” Sounds like Trump regrets hiring Jeff Sessions.

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