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Former President Obama issues swift statement after Trump pulls out of his awful Iran nuclear deal

iran nuclear deal

Former President Obama issued a swift statement after President Trump announced that the US will pull out of the Iran nuclear deal. Barack Hussein Obama said it was a “serious mistake” and will erode America’s global credibility.

President Trump announced he was pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal this afternoon. It is a deal he has called the “worst deal ever.”

“The United States does not make empty threats,” he said in a televised address from the White House.

Trump said the 2015 agreement, which included Germany, France and Britain, was a “horrible one-sided deal that should never ever have been made.” He added that the United States “will be instituting the highest level of economic sanction.”

Now Iran must decide if it wants to stay in the deal or work with the Europeans to try to salvage the deal. The leaders of Great Britain, Germany and France have asked President Trump to show restraint in preventing them from continuing to implement the agreement.

In President Trump’s statement he called the agreement “defective at it’s core.” It is no surprise that President Obama and his Secretary of State John Kerry have been lobbing to keep the deal in place they are the two buffoons that made the agreement.

President Trump’s announcement comes just about a week after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that Iran had lied big time about their nuclear testing. And the announcement is a few weeks removed from French President Emmanuel Macron coming to the US to try to pursued Trump to stay in the deal. Macron said two days ago if Trump backs out it “could mean war.” Why does the world continue to listen to pacifist?

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