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Bernie Sanders struggles to explain support for John Brennan and not Gina Haspel

CIA Director

Democrat Senator Crazy Bernie Sanders struggled to explain not supporting President Trump’s nominee for CIA director Gina Haspel. The Socialist Senator from Vermont supported former President Barack Hussein Obama’s CIA nominee John Brennan and  both Brennan and Haspel were in the CIA when it ran controversial enhanced interrogation techniques that many call torture.

“On this one, I would agree with John McCain, and tell you that I think … and tell you what our leaders in the armed forces [think],” he said on CNN. “If the United States condones torture … for other people, then that subjects our own men and women who are captured to be tortured as well.”

“I think Brennan did a good job in his position,” he said. “I have serious reservations about this nominee, and I will oppose her.”

When pressed on why waterboarding and other enhanced interrogation techniques were a deal breaker for Haspel and not for Brennan the old Socialist said “the policies of the Trump administration were also a factor.”

“It’s not just the issue of torture,” he said. “It goes, I think, deeper than that, and that is the foreign policy that we have seen from Mr. Trump.”

The video of the interview has been taken off the CNN site. That is not surprising given CNN ‘s undivided devotion to Socialism and the Democrat party.

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