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Ronny Jackson President Trump’s choice for head of the VA just got Borked

Ronny Jackson

Ronny Jackson President Trump’s choice for head of the VA just got Borked. The man who was the Personal physician to three Presidents was not good enough for this obstructionist Senate’s approval.

In a statement the White House issued from Jackson, he said he “did not expect to have to dignify baseless and anonymous attacks on my character and integrity.”

President Trump called into Fox and Friends shortly after Jackson backed out saying  he is an “incredible man” who “runs a fantastic operation.”

Trump said Jackson had a “beautiful record” and that there was no proof of the allegations and criticizing the top Democrat on a Senate panel who was investigation the allegations. Said Trump, “I think Jon Tester has a big price to pay.” The president declined to say who he may nominate next.

Asked whether Jackson will remain on the job as White House doctor, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said, “Admiral Jackson is a doctor in the United States Navy assigned to the White House and is here at work today.”

The charges that Tester include that he provided such “a large supply” of Percocet, a prescription opioid, to a White House Military Office staff member that he threw his own medical staff “into a panic” when it could not account for the missing drugs. Also at Secret Service going away party, the doctor got intoxicated and “wrecked a government vehicle.” Ronny Jackson has denied the allegation.

The fact of the matter is if Ronny Jackson was guilty of either of these infractions he would not have been approved as personal physician for three Presidents. It is clear that the Democrats in Congress are set on being obstructionist. The confirmation hearing on Mike Pompeo and Ronny Jackson have followed the playbook of Reagan Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork. All the obstructionist have to do is bring up baseless allegations and very good men are forced to defend them. Most say to hell with it.

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