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President steaming over raid of Personal lawyers home “Attorney client privilege is dead”

President Trump is steaming this morning over the abuse of attorney client privilege in the Mueller investigation. What has the President so upset is the raid on his personal attorneys office and home. The raid was apparently at the direction of Robert Mueller. The President doubled down on previous statements that this is a total “witch hunt.”

The President rage over the Mueller investigation has increased in the past month. Yesterday saying it was a “disgrace” that the FBI “broke into” his personal lawyers home. He also called the raid “an attack on our country” this prompting new speculation that the President will fire Robert Mueller.

Trump also said that many people have told him that he should fire the special counsel. He was not at all happy this his Attorney General Jeff Sessions either saying if he knew that Sessions would recuse himself of the Russia investigation he would have picked another Attorney General.

The Mueller investigation is clearly a “witch hunt.” The Mueller team is made up of mostly pro Hillary Clinton Democrats. Attorney Client privilege was abused by the Mueller team. The raid on the Michael Cohen’s home and office was to find evidence in the Stormy Daniels affair. What does this have to do with the Russia investigation?

The President made this clear in comments this morning.”Biggest conflict he has ever seen Democrats are not looking at all of the horrible crimes of Hillary Clinton. They choose to raid the home of my personal attorney.”

The time has come for Robert Mueller to be fired. This investigation has nothing to do with Russian collusion. Mueller has even said that Trump is not the target of a criminal investigation. It is clear this investigation is a Democrat witch hunt  because the left still cannot accept this outsider (Trump) won a rigged election.

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