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Democrat leaders are pretty clear about Trump tax cuts, Give us the House and we will RAISE YOUR TAXES

Democrat leaders

President Trump has been active on Twitter this morning saying that Nancy Pelosi is going absolutely crazy about the big tax cuts given to the American people by the Republicans…bot not one Democrat vote! Democrat leaders Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer have both been clear about their feelings on the Republican tax cuts.

Nancy Pelosi would be the next Speaker of the House, third in line for the Presidency if the Democrats win in November. Let that sink in for a little while. Besides saying on numerous occasions that the Republican tax cuts were “crumbs” she has also said the tax cuts would create Armageddon, the tax bill is “simply theft”, Unrepentant greed of “Permanent Plutocracy”, is a moral obscenity.

Does this sound like someone who is in favor of tax cuts? This is the way Democrats see the world. For Nancy Pelosi to say tax cuts are simply theft. How is that? The money belongs to the people and thru the Republicans tax bill we are allowed to keep more of OUR MONEY. Democrats have a belief that they are so superior in intelligence that they can spend OUR MONEY better than we can.

Steny Hoyer minority whip in the house the man who would be second in command has also sounded off on the tax cuts. Hoyer danced around the issue but said that Democrats would “raise revenue.”

Then, referencing the new tax cuts, which included a reduction in the corporate tax rate, Hoyer said, “we’ll look at some of those resources going to people who are not going to use them to grow the economy.

“Is that raising the tax rate back again on the highest income earners?” Quick asked.

Hoyer avoided answering the question directly, saying Democrats would “look to revenues.”

“I think certainly we’ll look to have revenues as opposed to simply creating more debt,” Hoyer said, adding that with current federal expenditures, Trump tax cuts will continue to raise the national debt.

Democrat leaders are making it clear they will raise our taxes if they take over the House. President Trump finished his morning tweet saying “Vote, Here’s the choice. They (Democrats) want to end them and raise your taxes substantially. Republicans are working on making them permanent and more tax cuts.”

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