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Students at NYC University demand POC-Only spaces, HUH

Civil rights movement

On the day of Martin Luther King Jr’s death students at the New School of New York are demanding POC spaces. For those of you not familiar with PC terms that is People of Color. The students want to escape the glare of white supremacy.  Correct me if I am wrong but isn’t this type of behavior what the Civil Rights movement was all about? Didn’t segregation end decades ago? Now the snowflakes of this generation want to have a space to be………segregated.

According to Campus reform students tweeted the following . “Students of color at The New School deserve a space. And not just a space that exists once a week or whenever our overtly white administration decides they want more diversity favors. We deserve a permanent space,” another student, going by “trashgawdd.

A petition from titled “Open letter for Student of Color space at The New School” was sent to administrators from SOC Weekly, Autonomous South Asian Collective, La XENTE, Queer Collective, and the Black Student Union.

According to the petition, administrators at The New School’s Eugene Lang College held a forum Friday “to discuss the coming renovations to Eugene Lang College buildings,” which was attended by a contingent of student activists demanding that the administration “designate space for people of color in the new Lang remodel, as well as make good on their past promises to improve the functionality of the Social Justice Hub for organizing purposes.”

Addressing Eugene Lang Dean Stephanie Browner, the petition states that “We are writing to once again articulate the needs of students of color,” claiming that “these are conversations that students have previously brought to the table without any serious action from Lang College.”

“We ask that The New School take our suggestions into account to either convert currently under-utilized space for students of color-only use and if not, to construct a student of color-only space within the upcoming Lang remodel,” the petition reads, adding, “We ultimately would like a dedicated, exclusive space for students of color.”

“The New School doesn’t have a space dedicated to students of color. A space where we can organize. A space for us to have privacy under the errant white gaze at our school,” the statement continues, insisting that “requesting a POC-only space is not returning to segregation because it is not denying white people any opportunities.”

“White spaces in the past, and even today, exist in order to oppress and reject poc. “POC-only spaces are responses to these spaces,” the statement claims, labeling the POC-only space, “a place for poc to exist without the pressures of white supremacy.”

Correct me if I am wrong but wasn’t the Civil Rights Movement fought at least partially to end segregation? This school is a predominately white school so it makes sense that large areas of the school will be pretty much……..white. People of color in the past fought for inclusion. The stupid snowflakes of today want SEGREGATION. This seems similar to the march for our lives movement of stupid students wanting their second amendment rights taken away.

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