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ACLU Celebrates Raid on Trump’s Lawyer; would they feel the same if it happened to Hillary?


The ACLU solidified their position as a protector of LIBERAL civil liberties. The organization has come out with glee over the raid of President Trump’s personal attorney saying ‘The rule of Law is alive’.

Earlier in the week the FBI conducted a raid on President Trump’s personal lawyers home and office. They were looking for information on the “access Hollywood tape“. It is apparent that the ACLU is not the least bit concerned that this has nothing to do with Russian collusion. The Government typically cannot conduct a broad raid such as the one they conducted on Michael Cohen. What they are supposed to do now is sift thru the information and only use what is applicable to their case. Does anyone really believe that is what is going to happen?

Alan Dershowitz Harvard Law professor emeritus one of the most respected civil libertarians in the country and Hillary Clinton supporter in 2016, condemned the raid.

“If this were Hillary Clinton being investigated and they went into her lawyer’s office, the ACLU would be on every television station in America jumping up and down”, he told Fox News yesterday.

Yet the ACLU does not condemn the raid they in fact celebrate it.

ACLU legal director David Cole responded on the organization’s website.

The ACLU is the nation’s premier defender of privacy, and we’ve long maintained that the right of every American to speak freely to his or her attorney is essential to the legal system. These rights are protected by the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendments, and we are second to none in defending them — often for people with whom we fundamentally disagree.

But we also believe in the rule of law as an essential foundation for civil liberties and civil rights. And perhaps the first principle of the rule of law is that no one — not even the president, let alone his lawyer — is above the law.  And no one, not even the president, can exploit the attorney-client privilege to engage in crime or fraud.

The attorney-client privilege has always included a “crime-fraud exception,” which provides that if you are using the attorney-client relationship to perpetrate a crime, there is no privilege.

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