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Trump screwing with Democrats minds once again threatens to Veto Omnibus spending bill


President Trump is once again proving he is the master of the “art of the deal”. He is screwing with Democrats and RINO Republicans Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan. Trump tweeted this morning he is considering veto of the massive 2,220 plus page Omnibus spending bill.

Just yesterday Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and Paul Ryan were having a collective political orgasm over this spending bill. In Washington that tells us the tax payers we are being screwed royally. This bill is full of pork. And apparently  as early as Wednesday President Trump was on board with signing the bill. Just yesterday White House budget director Mick Mulvaney told reporters the President would sign the massive 1.3  trillion dollar bill.

Congress has recessed and more than likely the Democrats and swamp creature Republicans left thinking they had pulled one over on this utter fool Trump. Then Trump does what he does best.

This morning the swamp wakes up to Trump being Trump. The President tweeted “I am considering VETO of the Omnibus Spending Bill based on the fact that the 800,000 DACA recipients have been totally abandoned by the Democrats (not even mentioned in the Bill) and the BORDER WALL which is desperately needed for our National Defense, is not fully funded.”

Trump may or may not veto the massive pork filled Omnibus spending bill. But it is clear shots have been fired by Trump and he is making clear that he is not to be screwed with by Democrats or Paul Ryan. Trump is serious about the wall and National defense and he has totally co-opted the DACA issue from Democrats. Trump saying in the tweet that DACA was “not even mentioned in the Bill.” Proving once again the hypocrisy of Democrats.

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