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Parkland survivor at student gun control march revealed their end game

student led

Saturday at the student led (bought and paid for by socialist billionaire Democrats) gun control march Delany Tarr revealed the groups true motive. Tarr proclaimed that the group fully intends to parlay a bump stock ban into other gun control laws.

Tarr told the group “When they give us that inch, that bump stock ban, we will take a mile.”

Tarr’s statement reveals the danger of giving up any of our second amendment freedoms. For the gun control lobby today it will be bump stocks tomorrow something else. Bump stocks do not convert semiautomatic firearms into automatic ones, so banning them as if they do opens the door to banning numerous other devices that do not convert the actions of semiautomatic either.

After the shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School Rush Limbaugh said the end game of the gun control crowd is the confiscation of all guns in America. Rush also says that the next mass shooter is already out there with the gun he is going to use. Do you ever notice how quickly we forget these random acts of mass violence? How long has it been since any of you have searched for news on the Las Vegas shooting?

Do you think politicians really want an answer to stop mass shootings? When there is a shooting like occurred last week in Parkland Florida Democrats and gun control crowd are the first ones on TV and in print media to call for confiscation of guns. This time they are even using the surviving students in Florida to plead with Government to solve this issue.

Two key points about this student led gun march. First it wasn’t student led. Does anyone believe these 16-18 year olds that were  having to be told not to eat tide pods just a jew weeks ago organized this march? The second key point is the Socialist adults that are behind the march have no intention of stopping with a bump stock ban.

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