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Oakland coffee shop reinforces stance that they will not serve cops

Oakland coffee shop

Oakland coffee shop Hasta Muerte Coffee has reinforced their stance that they will not serve cops. The Oakland coffee shop has been in hot water since kicking cops out saying that their presence compromises our feelings of physical and emotional safety. What has our country, what has California come to?

“We know in our experience working on campaigns against police brutality that we are not alone saying that police presence compromises our feeling of physical & emotional safety,” the business wrote. “There are those that do not share that sentiment – be it because they have a friend or relative who is a police, because they are white or have adopted the privileges whiteness affords, because they are home- or business- owning, or whatever the particular case may be.”

The coffee shop wrote that supporters of the police department are now trying to “publicly shame” the business because the police officer in question was Latino.

“OPDs recent attempts to enlist officers of color and its short-term touting of fewer officer involved shootings does not reverse or mend its history of corruption, mismanagement, and scandal, nor a legacy of blatant repression,” the caption read.

The coffee shop also shared photos of two negative reviews in the wake of the incident, adding the commentary, “Not my president” and, “sorry not sorry.”

The Oakland Police Department responded to the situation in a tweet, saying that the department “respects business owners right to serve anyone they choose.”

“OPD along with other community members are reaching out to the business to have constructive dialogue in our efforts to unite our community,” the department wrote.

California and Oakland in particular have been in the news for some time for their sanctuary state status. The nutty Oakland mayor Libby Schaff  last week alerted illegal criminals to impending ice raids. The Oakland mayor stating that she was willing to go to jail to protect the illegals. Jeff Sessions and the US Department of Justice have filed suit on California for their violation of federal immigration laws.

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