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California mayor is willing to go to jail to protect ILLEGALS and keep “Sanctuary City” status

sanctuary city

Mark Farrell Interim mayor of San Francisco says he is willing to go to jail to ensure San Francisco remains a “sanctuary city” . In other words Farrell is willing to go to jail to keep San Francisco a shithole city that people are leaving so fast UHaul cannot keep trucks in town.

Farrell speaking to the Democrat base illegals as amnesty activist were protesting in front of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) building said that San Francisco will forever be a “sanctuary city.” He also said according to ABC7  he is willing to get arrested if that’s what it takes to defend sanctuary city policies,” echoing comments that Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf made last week.

It is time for the Federal Government to grant the wish of Mark Farrell and Libby Schaaf. If mayors and the Governor of California Jerry Brown are unwilling to uphold federal immigration laws they should be arrested. In the case of Schaaf last week warning illegals that ICE was coming for him she put the lives of ICE agents in danger. She should be arrested today.

sanctuary city

This is what San Francisco mayor is willing to go to jail for

The activist in San Francisco had gathered to protest the arrest of over 200 illegals, nearly half of them with criminal records.The activists had signs that read “ICE, go melt yourself,” “ICE out of CA,” “Stop Racist Deportations,” and “Sanctuary for All.” They also chanted “Shut down ICE.”

ICE said sanctuary cities like “San Francisco and Oakland force” the agency to “focus additional resources to conduct at-large arrests in the community, putting officers, the general public and aliens at greater risk and increasing the incidents of collateral arrests.”


In 2015, an illegal immigrant who had been previously deported multiple times told authorities after he murdered Kate Steinle that he came to San Francisco because he knew it was a “sanctuary city.” Steinle’s tragic death allowed Donald Trump to make illegal immigration a national issue, which enabled him to surge to the front of the GOP field and never look back.

ICE also singled out two illegal immigrants currently believed to be living in Oakland who were not detained possibly because of Schaaf’s “irresponsible” alert:

a Honduran citizen who was previously arrested in San Francisco County multiple times for cocaine possession and transport, probation violations and sex with a minor under 16, and;a citizen of Mexico who was previously arrested and convicted for carrying a loaded firearm, transportation and sale of narcotics and DUI.

San Francisco recently had to spend 30 million dollars cleaning up hypodermic needles, feces and trash in the streets of San Francisco. It  is no wonder that San Franciscans are leaving so fast UHaul cannot keep moving trucks. Who would want to live in a literal shithole city that the leadership puts illegals before their citizens.  

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