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Trump military parade idea not one of his best, US shows might by defeating our enemies

military parade

President Trump inspired by the Bastille Day parade he saw in France last summer on a trip to Paris has proposed a military Parade in the US. The proposal has mixed reviews with the military strongly opposed. Retired Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Peters reacted Wednesday to President Trump’s plan to hold a military parade in the streets of Washington telling Fox News.

“The French march well, we fight well,” Peters told Bill Hemmer. “If we really want to honor our troops and support them, pass the defense budget.”

The Pentagon is in the planning stages for an event that was last held in Washington in the summer of 1991, after the end of the 41-day gulf war was celebrated with a $12 million dollar victory parade. But on Wednesday, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis avoided the word “parade” when tersely responding to reporters at the White House who asked about the possible show of force.

“We’re all aware in this country of the president’s affection and respect for the military,” Mr. Mattis said. “We have been putting together some options, we will send them up to the White House for decision.”

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There are many who are opposed to the idea of a parade in and out of the military.”To have a military parade without the end of a war or an inaugural or some big reason in Washington, D.C., that is out of our tradition,” presidential historian Michael Beschloss told NPR.

The ex-Navy seal who killed Osama Bin Laden says in a tweet that the idea of a military parade is “third world bullshit.” I would tend to agree.

The United States of America displays their military might by kicking ass and taking names. The French have military parades because they are pussies and cannot win wars. The Chinese and North Koreans have military parades because they are Communist and have to instill fear on their population to remain in control. I hope the President does not do this “third world bullshit.”

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