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Trey Gowdy memo does not impact Russia Investigation

Trey Gowdy on face the nation this morning said the memo has no impact on the Russian investigation. There would still be a Russia investigation without the dossier.

President Trump yesterday tweeted that “this memo totally vindicates “Trump” in probe. But the Russian witch hunt there was no collusion and no obstruction (the word now used because, after one year of looking endlessly and finding nothing, collusion is dead) This is an American disgrace.

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Gowdy says he has “tremendous respect for the FBI” he goes on to say the majority of the FBI is very good people there are 5 individuals that are responsible for this sloppy Russia investigation.” Gowdy say that he has full confidence in Rod Rosenstein and his ability to lead the FBI.

He says their was a “really sloppy process” in the information to obtain the FISA warrant. The application included the dossier (which is really noting more than a tabloid hit piece), a yahoo news story (Gowdy says this is highly improper) and other information on Carter page. “If the FBI had enough information for a warrant without this information why did they use it.” Gowdy says absolutely the FISA warrant would not have been obtained without the dossier.

Then Gowdy was asked why he is leaving politics. He said he “really enjoys the justice system more, Gowdy said he is a “pretty good prosecutor, Pretty lousy politician.” The interviewer asked why do you say you are a lousy politician? “U see multiple sides of issues and doesn’t think the end justifies the means.”  Gowdy finished by saying “everything is about winning in politics and to him process matters.”

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