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Now NFL will not allow Super Bowl ad mocking short and fat North Korea communist dictator

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First the NFL rejects a veterans group’s one page ad for the Super Bowl simply asking attendees #PleaseStand. They said the ad was too political as if them giving 100 million dollars to social justice causes is not political. Now the NFL and NBC (network broadcasting) has rejected  a video ad from AML BitCoin because it makes fun of North Korean leader Kim Jong Midget.

The NFL also said the AML BitCoin ad was “too political.” The ad features an actor protraying the North Korean midget leader and he is angry his hackers cannot steal AML BitCoin crypto-currency .

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“We have been informed by our media buyers that the network carrying the NFL’s Super Bowl game, NBC, will not accept our television ad ‘North Korea Can’t Steal AML BitCoin’ for placement during the broadcast.” AML Bitcoin president Marcus Andrade wrote in a letter to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

“An ad taking Kim Jong-un, dictator of North Korea, to task in a humorous and biting way should not be offensive to anyone,” the letter continues. “Our ad reminds viewers that Kim Jong-un and his army of hackers have been stealing billions of dollars of Bitcoin and other digital currencies for the past few years, funding their rogue nuclear weapons programs and thwarting efforts by the rest of the world to sanction this behavior. And our ad points out that, unlike the other digital currencies, the AML BitCoin has been designed with features that prevent his army from stealing it.”

Crypto currencies have suffered from hacking problems that have resulted in severe market devaluation. AML BitCoin was simply trying to point out that their service is safer in a numerous way. Apparently the NFL is triggered by veterans groups that want people to actually stand for our National Anthem and making fun of a short and fat communist dictator. They would probably have no problem running a Black Lives matter Super Bowl commercial.

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