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Marco Rubio attacked by student at FARCE CNN Town hall , feel like I am looking at Nickolas Cruz

Marco Rubio












Marco Rubio was asked to attend the CNN Town hall to find answers for the school shootings. This was in response to the most recent shooting at Stoneman Douglas high school where 17 teachers and students were gunned down last week by a crazy teenager. I am not the biggest fan of Marco Rubio, largely because he is not a true conservative but God bless him for not telling Cameron Kasky to piss off.

Kasky has become the speaking arm for CNN they should consider just making him a permanent anchor since they are feeding him the lines already. He said he felt like he was looking down the barrel of an AR15 looking at Rubio. He also said he felt like he was looking right at Nickolas Cruz. Now this is pure bullshit. This student is being used by the left and CNN but there was nothing Rubio could say.


Kasky went on with his script asking Rubio if he will never accept another dime from the NRA. Now you think a 17-year-old that was being told not to eat tide pods came up with that question?

CNN if they had any shame should be ashamed of themselves. CNN and the mainstream press are using these students. They are 17 and 18 years old and taught to get their 15 minutes of fame. One participant backed out because CNN gave him scripted questions. Someone has gotten a hold of this Kasky kid and Marco Rubio showed a lot of class being patient with him. Kasky is 17 hasn’t even paid taxes yet he has no right to demand anything out of anybody

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