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Democrat Schiff second memo trying to cover-up a “terrible situation” says Newt Gingrich

Democrat Schiff

Democrat Schiff second memo trying to cover-up a “terrible situation” says Newt Gingrich. This memo was written by Democrats on the panel who are pushing back against a GOP document, declassified by Trump last week, that criticizes the methods the FBI used to obtain a surveillance warrant on a onetime Trump campaign associate. The Democratic document attempts to counter some of the arguments and evidence put forward by the Republicans.

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Democrat Schiff (CA) the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence committee is forced to defend the indefensible. What is his memo going to say? That Hillary Clinton campaign did not pay for the Russian Dossier? That has already been established. Is it going to say that Christopher Steele was not paid by the Democrats to write a totally fabricated document? Steele himself cannot keep his mouth shut about who paid him and it is well document the dossier is false information.

Is the Democrat memo going to claim that the dossier and a fake yahoo news story based on the dossier were not the evidence used to get a FISA warrant to spy on Carter Page? The evidence is there that opposition research paid for by Hillary Clinton was the evidence used to get a FISA warrant from a judge appointed by Barack Hussein Obama.

Democrat Schiff

Little Adam Schiff is forced to defend the indefensible because his fingerprints are all over this cover-up. The Democrat Schiff second memo is akin to a Ferris Bueller writing his own sick note when everyone saw him at the ball game.

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