Addressing the elephant in the room

Trump following Reagan’s lead on amnesty, yesterday sure made it seem that way


Is President Trump destined to become the next Ronald Reagan on amnesty? If his comments yesterday are any indication that seems to be the direction he is going. Ronald Reagan one of the best Presidents this country has ever had committed one cardinal sin for conservatives. He granted amnesty to almost 3 million illegal aliens. And Trump is about to do the same thing.

Unless Trump is even more masterful at the Art of the deal than he has proven thus far, yesterday seemed like a big cave. Until now Trump’s negotiating skills have been masterful. You aim high and usually find common ground in your favor. But yesterday the President seemed to be aiming low. We are absolutely going to have a beautiful wall the entire length of the border and Mexico is going to pay for it has been the promise. Now it is we don’t need the wall the entire length because of rough terrain and rivers and how are WE going to pay for it.

Trump sounded like just like most of his 15 primary challengers and especially Jeb Bush with his “Bill of Love” BS. What is that crap? You know what it is he is setting the stage for amnesty.  Bush said during the Presidential campaign  “There should be a path to earned legal status for those that are here — not amnesty — earned legal status, which means you pay a fine and do many things over an extended period of time,” he said. He called this an “act of love” sounds like the President just changed the wording to “bill of love” and we are getting amnesty.


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The President laid out a three-part plan to address DACA and illegal immigration.


  1. Permanent law for dreamers (what happened to campaign promise that he was sending them packing?)
  2. Funding request for the wall (shouldn’t that request be made to Mexico? The President has insisted that Mexico is paying for the wall)
  3. Additional changes in immigration system (had better include a complete end to chain migration and the lottery system)

Average age of these punk ass so called “dreamers” 23.8

The President said he was going to let those in the room decide what the bill is and he will sign it. The problem with that statement is some in that room were responsible for Obamacare. He also gave them a green light for earmarks (pork). That is the problem with these bipartisan bills. We will end up with amnesty, paying for the wall, compromise that keeps part of chain migration and lottery system, and a bunch of gay art pork and bridges to nowhere. If yesterday was any indication Trump is following Reagan’s lead on amnesty.

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