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Nancy Pelosi says wage increases and bonuses are crumbs and pathetic

wage increases

Nancy Pelosi says wage increases and bonuses that companies are giving their employees as a result of the recent tax bill are crumbs and pathetic.Pelosi seemed to be responding to the wage increases and bonuses that Wal-Mart announced today. Raising minimum wage to $11 and giving eligible employees $1,000 bonuses.

Wal-Mart is just the latest to announce that they are giving raises, bonuses or investing in new plants.Boeing,Fifth Third Bancorp. ,Wells Fargo.,Comcast NBC Universal.,  and Bank of America. have all announced raises and bonuses for employees since the tax cut was announced. Just yesterday it was announced that a new Toyota Mazda plant will be built in Alabama a 1.6 billion dollar expenditure and 4000 jobs. All of these wage increases and bonuses are pathetic to the Socialist Representative.


“A number of companies are attributing the tax bill for being able to give higher wages to their employees as well as being able to give a number of bonuses to their employees. How do you respond to that?” a reporter asked.

Pelosi appeared to be talking about AT&T when she responded by downplaying the bonuses and saying that it was already part of a union contract. She went on to say that the same firm told their employees that they would be laying off 1,500 people and that if they wanted to save their jobs then they would have to work 32 hours per week.

“In terms of the bonus that corporate America received versus the crumbs that they are giving workers to kind of put the schmooze on is so pathetic. It’s so pathetic,” Pelosi said.

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“I would hope that with their big advantage of bringing money home at a very low rate that they would invest in infrastructure and things, but our experience has been that they will do dividends, do stock buybacks, and things like that. I think it’s insignificant,” Pelosi added.

It’s not the first time that  the senile old liberal Senator has criticized President Trump’s tax bill. Last month she said it was Armageddon. Only a socialist (yes I know she is labeled a liberal but they are the same thing) would consider people keeping their own money the end of the world.

“The debate on health care is life, death. This is Armageddon,” Pelosi said. “This is a very big deal, because you know why? There’s really a very hard way to come back from this.”

Only to a Socialist would all of these wage increases and new plants be pathetic. Liberals hate tax cuts because it gives them less money to waste and creates less dependents.

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