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Nancy Pelosi babbling about a mouse and mousetrap calls corporate bonuses crumbs, AGAIN

corporate bonuses

Nancy Pelosi at a recent town hall meeting called the corporate bonuses “crumbs” AGAIN. The Democrats and Pelosi must be tiring of the daily barrage of businesses giving corporate bonuses and raises to their employees as a result of the Trump tax bill. The tax bill that not a single Democrat voted for.

Pelosi has to be tiring of the good news, yesterday Starbucks today Home Depot, 164 companies announcing raises or bonuses since the tax cut was announced. The other thing this shows is how out of touch these elite Democrats are. A $1,000 bonus is not crumbs to most people. Speaking to my daughter and son-in-law this weekend who are newlyweds their tax cut represents their 1 month food budget.

Nancy Pelosi’s net worth is 29.35 million dollars so I can see how $1,000-$2,000 would be crumbs for her. In San Francisco her congressional district median home prices are 1.5 million dollars so I can see how corporate bonuses would be crumbs to her and her elite friends. But than God we do not all live in San Francisco. In Iowa, Ohio, Florida, South Dakota and Jasper Indiana $1,000 is a little bigger deal than “crumbs.”

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“There’s a little mouse trap who’s got a little piece of cheese on there and there’s a mouse about to take it and that’s called the middle class,” Pelosi said of workers getting bonuses as a result of the GOP tax cuts. “And around it are fat cats, they look a lot like elephants but anyway, around there. And that’s the thing. Get this little thing and we get this big bonanza. You get the crumb, we get the banquet.”

Pelosi listed between $42.4 million and $199.5 million in assets in 2013, it was enough for Bloomberg Business to name her the richest member of Congress. So corporate bonuses are not something Nancy Pelosi needs. She has her luxury condo in DC elite Georgetown, her 3,700 square foot San Francisco home as well as 16 acre vineyard in Napa Valley California. So she cannot be bothered with $1,000 crumbs.

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