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Crazy Maxine Waters goes off on Trump on MSNBC says he is most despicable human being


Crazy Maxine Waters “The United States is represented by the most despicable human being that could possibly ever walk the earth. Crazy Maxine went off on Trump on MSNBC “not only is he a racist but he is a moron” she went on to say “remember I called him a scumbag, I’ve called him despicable, racist a moron.”

Crazy Maxine was getting her time in the spotlight on MSNBC “All In With Chris Hayes” with guest host Joy Reid she just couldn’t hold back her righteous indignation about the Presidents remarks on immigration.

Democrat Senator Dick Durbin (funny how he is the only Senator out of 8 that heard the remarks) says that Trump said ” The President has admitted to using “strong language” to describe the countries that are less desirable to receive immigrants but has denied the “shithole” comment.


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Crazy Maxine has let loose on the President before claiming that she inspires crowds when she starts the impeach 45 chant. She also threatened the President saying she was going to “take him out”. Like Nancy Pelosi the Representative gets confused, a lot. She once described Ben Carson as being a white-wing nationalist. Anyone with eyes knows the HUD Secretary is a black man.

Cameras should roll every time Crazy Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi speak a word. They can say Trump is despicable, a moron , racist whatever they want. Trump is running circles around them and that is why they are pissed. All of the footage of Crazy Maxine and Nancy Pelosi should be put in a time capsule so that future generations can see how ridiculous these liberals can be.

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