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Lindsey Graham breaks with Republicans and joins Durbin dumping on Trump

Lindsey Graham (Grahamnesty) has apparently broken ranks and somewhat supported chronic liar Dick Durbin’s account that President Trump referred to Haiti and African countries as shithole countries.

Lindsey Graham was part of a gang of 8 in 2013 that pushed for an amnesty guest worker program. Graham’s argument at that time was South Carolina needed the guest workers for meat-packing plant jobs. So it was really no surprise that Graham joined pushing Trump for amnesty now.

Graham (in 2013) told the Rotary Club: “When you go to these meatpacking plants in Saluda (S.C.), harvesting the crops or servicing the hotels along the coast, you may not believe it, but it is true — there is a shortage of labor in some parts of our economy, even though we have high unemployment.”

The argument could be made that Graham is the racist wanting to bring in guest workers to do hard nasty jobs that Americans did not want.

Graham knows that he will never be President so he like John McCain have decided to attack the President on a non issue.Graham and Durbin are pushing for bi-partisan (US people will get screwed with pork) immigration reform.

“It’s going to take you, Mr. President, working with Republicans and Democrats to get this done,” Graham said. “It’s not going to be done on Twitter, by tweeting, it’s going to be done by talking and understanding.”

Graham also lamented that “the discourse right now is pretty low.”

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“It’s pretty embarrassing when you have to take your children out of the room just to report the news,” he said.

Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters all of the Democrats chiding the President over his vile language are disgusting hypocrites.They say worse than Trump said every single day. And the same Democrats that are so appalled at President Trump’s vile speech had no problem at all with Bill Clinton getting a blow job in the oval office by an intern half his age. It was his own personal business.

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