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FBI FISA abuse memo to be released possibly within 3 weeks, plans are in place

FISA abuse memo

FBI FISA abuse memo will be released in possibly 3 weeks according to Representative Dave Joyce (OH). On Saturday Joyce tweeted “Great news! Our efforts to #ReleaseTheMemo have been effective and the HPSIC plans to release the FBI/FISA/Russia memo. This may take up to +19 Congressional work days but the American people deserve to know the truth.

Last Thursday members of the house intelligence committee were allowed to read the 4 page memo. It is interesting to note that not a single Democrat voted to release the document. This increases speculation that there is evidence very damaging in the report to Senior Obama Justice officials and the Hillary Clinton campaign

According to the Washington Examiner Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, said he read the memo and implied there was some sort of bias in favor of Trump’s 2016 Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton.

“I have read the memo,” he tweeted. “The sickening reality has set in. I no longer hold out hope there is an innocent explanation for the information the public has seen. I have long said it is worse than Watergate. It was #neverTrump & #alwaysHillary. #releasethememo.”

The memo is speculated to contain evidence that the Obama justice department used the fake dossier to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on the then Donald Trump campaign. The Democrats mocked Trump when he moved his headquarters during the campaign and said the reason was he was being spied on. Well when we see the FISA abuse memo we will find out the truth. And the truth will expose the corruption of the Obama administration and the Hillary Clinton campaign.

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