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President Trump thanked Democrats for giving him a One Year anniversary “gift”

Democrat Shutdown

President Trump thanked Senate Democrats for giving him a one year anniversary “gift” with the Democrat Shutdown. What Trump does in negotiation is force his opponents to show their cards. What the Democrats have shown is they are willing to neglect the military in favor of pacifying illegal immigrants. Make no mistake the words they are saying right now will be used against them in their re-election campaigns.

The President has been in negotiations with Senate Democrats including a meeting yesterday at the White House with Chuckie Schumer. The Democrats have made it clear that they are willing to punish American citizens for the dreamers (average age 23.8 years old).

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The Democrat shutdown is  a political ploy to try to put the brakes on the good news from the Trump administration. Since the tax cuts Chrysler has announced they are moving a plant from Mexico back to Michigan with thousands of jobs and billions spent. Amazon announced a new US operation again thousands of jobs and billions spent. Apple a left leaning company announced plans for a new US operation with thousands of jobs and billions spent. The Democrats cannot afford for the good news to continue. Thus the Democrat shutdown to let a millions of illegal immigrants try to make our country a shithole like their countries.

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