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CNN Don Lemon goes crazy on air Trump a Racist for his comments on s–thole countries


Trump a racist according to CNN Don Lemon over recent immigration comments Trump alleged to have said

CNN the fake news headquarters had a field Day Friday with the Trump comments on third world countries Countries with far fewer resources or per capita income. Countries where they cannot separate well water from sewer water and have to walk miles for their water. You may have heard President Trump who is not prone to swamp speak cut to the chase and called them “shithole countries” at least it was alleged that he said this by chronic liar Dick Durbin.



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CNN spent the day on coverage of President Trump making racist remarks about shithole countries. And the top host on the Socialist News Network that went crazy was Don Lemon. The press and the left is doing their very best to take down Trump. The Russian Dossier angle is doing more to take down Hillary Clinton than Trump. They feel Trump gave them a gift when he supposedly made his shithole countries comment.

The latest narrative on left-wing news is and will be for the next week that Trump is a racist. But why is it racist to call a country that huge amounts of their citizens want to escape? If these countries are not shitholes then it should be ok to send the illegals and dreamers back home.

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