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Bitter Cold is also Global Warming according to climate Nut job Al Gore

bitter cold

Bitter cold is exactly what we should expect from global warming say former Vice President and climate nut Al Gore. Gore has to keep the millions coming in for his climate hoax so apparently now warming is global warming and also record cold temperatures. According to climate depot Gore thinks bitter cold also represents global warming.

Gore sites Dr. Michael Mann who says “It’s bitter cold in but that is exactly what we should expect. Mann linked to bitter cold and snow to climate change.

As recently as 2009 Gore cited lack of snow as evidence of man made global warming. Gore is the author of Oscar-winning An inconvenient truth has not warned of bitter cold and snow being the results of global warming in the past. It is clear whatever the weather is would be global warming to Al Gore. Anything to advance his multi million dollar Socialist agenda.

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Scientists are not buying Gore and Mann’s nutty claims that bitter cold represent global warming.


WeatherBell Meteorologist Joe Bastardi on January 4, 2018: “This is flat-out insanity and deception now To tell the public that events that have occurred countless times before with no climate change attribution, is now just that, is not science, its witchcraft. NO PROOF AT ALL. Its climate ambulance chasing, nothing more.”

Bastardi added: “This has happened countless times before and it wasn’t global warming then and is not now. Solid use of past patterns predicted major early cold from OCTOBER! I have tweeted that dozens of times showing the analog years I used, No co2 then.”

Climatologist Dr. Roger Pielke Sr. also weighed in, explaining: “For those who claim USA/Canada nor’easter is stronger because of ‘global warming’, they apparently do not realize that it’s so strong because of especially strong horizontal temperature gradient in troposphere. It ‘bombed’ because of usually cold air!”

As a career politician and climate change nut Al Gore has a net worth of 300 million dollars. An inconvenient truth has brought in 24 million so Gore has to protect his climate hoax.  It is apparent that whatever the weather is bitter cold or hot it is global warming this is what keeps the money coming in for Gore.

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